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The Key provides bad credit auto loans on some of the most exciting vehicles on the road. Their credit pre-approval process takes less than two minutes and can be done completely online. The Key carries a wide inventory that includes cars, trucks and SUVs. Many of The Key's vehicles come from rental car firms and have been very well-maintained. Cars that cost more than $16,000 come with The Key's lifetime guarantee. The Key provides the complete automobile history for each car it sells. Buyers can rest assured that they are getting vehicles that run well and will serve them for a long time to come. The Key makes the entire approval process easy. They know you don't have time to wait around at a dealership all day. You can complete the entire approval process online in under fifteen minutes. The Key only requires that you fill out four simple forms. Once you are approved, the entire inventory is searchable on The Key's website at Anyone with bad credit should certainly look into purchasing a car from The Key. They have become Oklahoma City's top buy here pay here dealership by delivering excellent customer service. Go to to get started today.