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I will be givng discounts on ALL repairs on laptop and desktop computers. All repairs will be half price.If you are wanting some repair work done this weekend please send me a email or call me at 219-xxxx to set up an appointment. This will surely be a busy weekend and I will accomodate everyone and get your issues resolved quickly. www.edscomputerservice.webs.comIs your computer or laptop running much slower than it was when you 1st gotit? Would you like to speed it up and free up some space and clean it up some?Would you like to have some additional memory added to speed it up?Do you have pop-ups galore and just as fast as you click on that X to close itanother 1 pops up? Pretty soon your whole screen has filled up and now yourcomputer wont do anything. Are you ready to toss that computer out the window!!!DON'T DO THATJust give me a call or send me a text to and let me check it outfor free...All estimated are free. No cost to tell you what you need in order toget your computer or laptop back in working order.Do you think you may have a virus or multiple viruses? It may bespyware.Frustrating? Computer problems? Has someone been downloading music andnow you have spyware?Are you getting error messages? Could be a registry files are corrupted. Anyother issues you need addressed. Any laptop problems? Laptop battery notcharging? Power jack may need replacing.Maybe you just want to have a DVD Burner added or maybe 2 DVD Burners added.Maybe you would like to play a specific game but you need a better graphicscard...Yes I can do that also.Would you like to replace that old computer with something much faster with amore up to date Windows operating system. Do you need a more simple computer,something basic to just have internet access.Laptop need repairing? Yes i can repair that power jack that is no longercharging your battery. Did someone accidently knock the laptop off the table ordid someone drop that laptop and it crashed to the floor and now the screen isfractured? Yes i can replace your laptop screen. Have your keys on your keyboardbeen pooped off and now you would like it replaced. Yes, lets replace thatlaptop keyboard..Any other computer issues you have? Let me know, Ill get you repaired. Justquestions about why my computer is doing this or that.Do you need more space? Downloaded lots of music ansd have lots and lots ofphotos you are worried about losing? Would you like them permanently saved toa DVD? Yes i do that also. I can save your precious memories to a DVD and youwill always have them stored.If you have your images and music saved to a external hard drive and thinkthis will be sufficient..Think again..It is a hard drive and it will failalso.and when it does all of those images will be loss.Any other problems...Give me a call or text me at..Edward.. Need itdone today? same day service available. Do you need me to come to your place ofbusiness or home?? Give me a call at..I service all of OKC, MWC,Spencer, Del City, Norman, Edmond, Guthrie, Yukon, Newcastle...Edward atListing originally posted at http