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Really bad beat up Acer MSxxxx windows laptop.Screen works. No cracks. No software installed. Fully functional Dell Premium Optical 5-Button USB Black mouse. And working Onn USB Keyboard (M/n ONA11HO089).These worked with the laptop at one time. Battery doesn't work so has to use the power ac cable for it to turn on.The built in laptop keybaord has missing keys and stickers all over. Some keys do not work. 1 or 2 usb ports only work. Not sure if the CD drive is working. Missing outter body snap-on plastic cd tray missing. At one time I had it booting up into windows. I put Mac OS on the hard drive, not sure what's on it now.  Its been a few months since it has been running. Now it displays a boot error message. No returns. Buyer buys as is. Local pickup only in Oklahoma City Central Area.