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I don't know too much about its history, this is what I do know. It was an older restoration, thankfully they didm't restore everything. The chrome parts are original with a nice original patina. The seat is one of the nicest originals I've seen. I put the original Buco saddlebags on.I had the speedo rebuilt and kept the original face. I bought an original switch that had been rebuilt with keys.I replaced the main seal in the transmission. It has a competition clutch with belt drive retaining the original narrow primary.I rebuilt the stepped hubs. New 4.50 18 tires. I repainted the sheet metal and put a flat finish on it. I'm guessing it has less than 3,000 miles on the rebuilt motor. I'm guessing because I put new tires on, the old ones had less than 3,000 miles on them. It runs,starts,and idles very well. The only parts I can see that are not original are the muffler and wire harness. Everything else is original and NICE!The speedometer light switch is missing.