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In their 100th anniversary issue, Motorcyclist magazine recently named the xxxx Honda CB750 as the ?Bike of the Century,? and this example may be the bike of this century! I bought it 30 years ago from the original owner, a schoolteacher in Chicago, who had kept it as immaculately as I have ever since.What?s special about this bike is it is a rider, not a ?trailer queen.? It had 18,000 miles on it when I bought it, and I put another 6,000 miles on it since, usually short trips every month or two to keep it mechanically sound. It runs like a ?dream? (forgive the Honda pun!) and has been maintained by some of the best vintage Honda mechanics.All the sandcast features are there: cut fender, wrinkle tank, horn on the right, recessed ignition switch, un-numbered exhaust pipes, smooth mirror tips, black kill switch, un-finned oil cover, Koito headlight, etc.Comes with the original owner?s and shop manuals, both of which are extremely worn and faded, with the original owners notes on tune-ups and oil changes from the xxxxs, proof of the bike?s authenticity.The original paint started to fade back in the 90s, (tank turned orange and side covers pink) so I had it re-painted by Blake Conway in California, who does all of Vic World?s paint for his OEM parts CB750s, with the original paint #s from Honda. All parts are original except the usual maintenance items: tires, battery, plugs, chain, etc. Since it?s a rider, I had an electronic ignition system installed (starts & rights great!) but still have the original points if you want to go back to pure stock. Replaced the clutch a few years ago, but the engine case had never been cracked.EVERYTHING on this bike works perfectly: engine, trans, lights, horn, clutch, brakes, etc. Amazingly fast for ?only? a 750 cc.