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I had this bike since xxxx and bought the bike when it had 7,500 miles on it, and has babied it since day one. The bike has never been down, and has been garage kept since day one. The following is a very detailed service report on the bike and demonstrates his care and love for the bike. Please do not email if you don't have the money to buy the bike. EXTRAS: TULSA WINDSHIELD WITH VENTS, CORBIN SEAT, AIR HORNS, COVER CUP HOLDER, TRAILER HITCH, CUSHION HANDLES PASSENGER SEAT ARMRESTS, FRONT FOOT PEGS, DEER WHISTLES, REVERSE, CRUISE (NOTE: Reverse and Cruise are standard on GLxxxx)SERVICE RECORD:08-09-02 PURCHASED 7, 500 MILES08-25-02 OIL AND FILTER 7, 907 MILES09-28-02 OIL AND FILTER 9.753 MILES03-13-03 OIL AND FILTER 12, 265 MILES06-19-03 NEW FRONT TIRE 13, 220 MILES06-21-03 OIL AND FILTER 13,245 MILES07-26-03 OIL AND FILTER 17, 308 MILES08-02-03 OIL AND FILTER, NEW REAR TIRE, BRAKES FLUSHED 17, 357 MILES09-06-03 OIL AND FILTER, SWITCHED TO MOBIL 1 SYN. 20,931 MILES05-15-05 OIL AND FILTER 24,196 MILES08-17-05 NEW BATTERY 24,500 MILES06-20-06 OIL AND FILTER 27,290 MILES10-10-07 NEW TIRES, TUNE UP, OIL AND FILTER 30,450 MILES06-28-08 OIL AND FILTER 33,089 MILES07-20-09 OIL AND FILTER 36,300 MILES08-21-10 OIL AND FILTER 39,530 MILES10-09-10 NEW BATTERY 39,585 MILES02-05-12 NEW PLUGS 41, 900 MILES03-31-13 OIL AND FILTER 42,254 MILES04-08-13 NEW BATTERY 10-09-14 OIL AND FILTER 42,985 , NEW BACK TIRE

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