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Up for sale is a xxxx Star (Yamaha) V-max. This bike was pre-ordered in June of xxxx. It arrived at my dealer in December of xxxx. I am told that this is the first production run and is Serial Number 290. I would tend to think that the 09's would become the model year to buy. The pictures clearly show the condition. You will be hard pressed to find a scratch. Motor, frame, wheels are nearly dust free. I took very good care of this bike. It only saw rain once because I got caught on the way home. I believe there is no need to quote specifications. If you are looking for a V-Max, you are already familiar with the most powerful Cruiser ever built.Accessories installed are the Yamaha mini windscreen, Yamaha Performance ECU, K&N Air Filter, SS Brake Lines, Yamaha Vmax protective Cover, Small Tail pack, Large Tail Pack, Battery Tender & Quick charge adapter.Motorcycle comes complete with EVERYTHING the manuafacturer provided before, during and after the sale. This includes and is not limited to: Performance, Engineering & Design manual shipped to me before delivery, Operators manual, Safety manual, Service Manual, Technical Orientation Manual, Sales Brochure, xxxx Catalog, Star V-Max DVD, Star V-Max Serial Number badges with OEM box, Various magazines collected, and a 6' Yamaha Banner. There's more, but I have to look around!This V-max is still covered under the Genuine Yamaha Factory Extended warranty for 2 more years. No need to worry about reliability. PLEASE ask questions if you have them - I will do my best to answer honestly and quickly. text me at (214) 42 7 12 19